Aerial Cinematography

Drones put the camera above the action. I often use mine as I would a camera crane, low and close to get a nice high angle shot.

Since childhood, I've had a love for everything aviation. Some of my most fun projects have involved shooting out of helicopters. Now, as an FAA licensed (part 107) drone pilot, I get to combine my passions for aviation and cinematography, and provide aerial cinema services on much smaller budgets.

A part 107 license is required for any drone flight which serves a commercial purpose. The license also allows me obtain authorization to fly in controlled airspace, such as within five miles of an airport, which would be prohibited to non-licensed pilots. I also carry full liability insurance for my flights.

I fly a DJI Inspire Pro X5, capable of capturing beautiful, stable 4K video and high resolution stills.

Aerial Showreel