I’ve had a number of creatives ask me, “What’s your style as a director?” For years, I never really had a a good answer to that question. But now I’ve got it figured out.

NOTE: This is best read while listening to solo bongo drum music.

My style is smooth and jarring. It’s clinical and freeform. It’s buttery and gritty. It’s emotional and detached. It’s bright and shadowy. It’s loud and subtle. It’s weepy and hilarious. Over the top and under the radar. It’s honest and slippery. It sneaks up on you and bowls you over. My style is edgy and traditional, trendy and classic. It’s silly and business-like. Purposeful and time-wasting. It’s crystal clear and it makes no sense. It’s lean and delicious. Sarcastic and earnest. Polite and profane. All of the above and none of the above.

The reason I’ve been able to survive in this business as long as I have is partially because I don’t impose a particular “style” on my work. In my mind, the idea, the message, the audience, the client, the environment, and the story sets the style for a piece. It doesn’t come from some pre-determined style that I’m supposed to have.

What’s my style? What do you want it to be?

That’s the long and short of it.